Recognition & Needs

Get to know your caring staff, and listen to them – their advice is invaluable for retention, productivity, and sustaining your culture and values


Tailor a survey to those working as carers in your organisation, so you can support them in the best way possible


  • Simple things can mean a lot to carers, such as allowing them to work flexibly or make care-related calls and emails at work. Find out what matters to your carers.
  • If you don’t want to do a special survey, weave questions about what makes a difference for carers into existing staff engagement processes.
  • Due to conscious and unconscious bias, many workers may be reluctant to disclose their caring responsibilities – so include qualitative and quantitative questions in your survey so you can clearly gauge their needs.

Host focus groups across your organisation.


  • You can do this with groups of carers, or talk to them one by one.
  • Canvas the views of caring staff to strengthen your policies and processes.
  • Listen carefully – carers’ suggestions may be easy to implement, and make a big difference to loyalty, retention, and productivity.