Who are the carers in your workplace – how can they be supported?


Understand how many employees have caring responsibilities.


  • Conduct an anonymous survey to determine the support you can offer.
  • If you don’t want to do a survey, use the Census metric of 1 in 8 – if you employ 24, at least 3 staff are likely to be carers.
  • Our survey template, developed by diversity specialists Diversitas, may help! Or, weave questions about caring into existing staff engagement processes.
  • Collect information in ‘new hire’ documentation.
  • Create a poll on your intranet
  • Show that you’re an organisation that is committed to being CareWise. Download a CareWise poster and display it in staff gathering places, like the lunchroom, hallways or by the photocopier.

Build awareness by hosting a workshop for carers in your workplace.


  • Show CareWise commitment by having a senior manager or the CEO introduce the event.
  • Tell caring staff about your organisation’s flexible work, reasonable accommodation, and relevant leave policies.
  • Carers NZ can help you plan a successful event – get in touch!
  • We can provide helpful resources, too.

Profile caring employees in staff communications to build awareness about what it’s like to be a carer, who they support in their family / whānau, and why your organisation has become CareWise.


  • Quote senior managers and the owner/CEO in staff communications.
  • Share links, stories and resources from Carers NZ on your staff Facebook page, intranet, or places staff visit.
  • Share Carers NZ’s magazine, Family Care – it’s an easy way to support caring staff, and every issue includes CareWise tips and news.