Commit to helping staff whose wellbeing and productivity can be affected by caring. CareWise is a great way to help carers keep working, while strengthening your organisation’s culture, values, retention and productivity.

It takes just one simple step to become a CareWise workplace – sign our CareWise commitment, the principles that underpin being genuinely carer friendly.

The Commitment should be endorsed or signed by your organisation’s Chief Executive, Managing Director, or Owner. You need to confirm (if you have a different role in your workplace) that you have authority to commit your organisation to being CareWise.

After signing the Commitment, you’ll be sent a welcome email with a link to access your unique log-in area – it contains your organisation’s CareWise resources including workplace posters, tools, templates, and a CareWise badge to use in staff communications and recruitment advertising.

You’ll then be encouraged to take the CareWise Self-Review, a brief assessment that looks at your organisation’s current carer friendliness in 5 priority areas, with suggestions for improvements.

We’ll also send you a CareWise certificate to display in your workplace, and some fun items to share with staff.

Thank you for committing to being CareWise. Carers NZ looks forward to working with you as one of our country’s carer friendly workplaces!

CareWise Commitment

  1. We commit to developing a plan to help meet the needs of carers in our workplace that includes the following measures:
    • Awareness
    • Recognition
    • Support for carers (internal and external)
    • Flexible work policy & guidelines
    • Regularly evaluating & improving HR practices
  2. We will support carers in our workplace and formally recognise them in our policies.
  3. We will share our CareWise achievements and support for carers to help promote awareness of caring.

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