Carewise Spotlight: Tracey Dorward

Hawkes Bay carer Tracey Dorward felt she had no option but to quit her job. Now she’s working again, for a more flexible employer. Tracey Dorward resigned from her last…

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Give and take essential, says Donnelle

Software developer Donnelle Belangor-Taylor manages to juggle her 26 hour a week job with caring for three children, two of whom have disabilities.

Working carers feature in UK Carers Week

600 people a day leave the UK workforce because they can no longer balance work and care. This particularly affects experienced workers between 45 and 64 who employers can ill afford to lose.

A snapshot for employers: who are carers?

Unlike other countries, New Zealand does not have a clear picture about who its carers are. But Infometrics analysis gives a good peek.

Now we’re all teleworkers

Not every carer can keep working. Not every employer gets it. But if we bridge the worlds of work and care New Zealand will be better off. We’ll be the kind of society we say we are.

Understanding carers is good business

Greater transparency regarding the prevalence of caring is needed across organisations in NZ, to prompt business leaders to recognise the pressure that caring in all its forms creates across their workforce.

Supporting working carers a gender issue

Almost 90% of NZ’s family carers are workforce age.