As a CareWise workplace you’ll receive

0800 helpline access for all employees, staffed by trained advisors

The helpline, 0800 777 797, provides practical assistance and guidance, tailored to a carer’s unique situation.

Tools + resources

Carers NZ’s website includes a wealth of information across a range of caring topics. Carers can download an electronic infopack in one click, and much more! Link your intranet to the Carers NZ site or guide caring employees to it so they can find the help they need.

Workplace posters and staff communications with work + care information

We’ll provide CareWise posters to display in communal spaces, plus regular CareWise information and updates to share in staff communications.

CareWise Employers Network

Connect with other CareWise workplaces for learning and sharing.

Use the CareWise logo mark in your recruitment advertising and communications

Your organisation will build its reputation as a CareWise workplace that is friendly to the growing number of New Zealanders who have caring responsibilities for loved ones. Once you have registered we can guide you through the CareWise validation process.

International news, work + care employer policies, research, and more

Receive regular updates sourced from Carers NZ’s relationships with employer programmes in Australia, Europe, North  America, and other countries affiliated with the International Association of Carer Organizations. Carers NZ is our country’s IACO representative.