Does every workplace have family carers?

Yes. Employees bring their lives to work with them. Often this includes caring responsibilities at home for someone who is elderly, is unwell, has a disability, or is experiencing a mental health condition or addiction. CareWise helps employers to be carer friendly, and helps carers keep working.

Who are carers, and how does Carers NZ support them?

We are a national not-for-profit dedicated to supporting our country’s 490,000+ family, whanau, and aiga carers. Caring is something we will all give or receive during our lives. We can become a carer overnight, or over time. Caring may be for a short time, or for a lifetime. All carers need information, advice, and support so they can keep caring, and almost 90% of New Zealand’s carers are of workforce age. It makes good business sense for employers to be CareWise!