Carers: The necessary investment

The CareWise programme will be launched soon. We’ll be in touch when you register to offer helpful resources to distribute to carers in your workplace. When CareWise is ready you’ll be asked to:

  • Commit to the carer friendly principles in our CareWise Commitment
  • Complete our online self-review to determine your current level of carer friendliness
  • Receive and make recommended changes (if any) to be CareWise
  • Nominate a key person to lead CareWise in your organisation

Ways to be CareWise

  • Learn how many employees have family caring responsibilities outside of work
  • Have a Flexible Work Policy in place that includes caring
  • Provide helpful information to employees to support their caring responsibilities
  • Demonstrate any other initiatives to assist employees who are carers, irrespective of gender, age or family circumstance

Once you’re CareWise

Your organisation will receive the CareWise logo mark to use in communications and advertising – demonstrating your leadership as a carer friendly workplace! You’ll be eligible to enter and participate in upcoming CareWise Workplace Awards, and be profiled in Family Care magazine and media organised by Carers NZ to promote carer friendly workplaces.

Regular updates

You’ll also receive regular news and information to share in your workplace, including attractive posters for common areas featuring  CareWise tips and messages.